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Extra Strength Growth Oil - oliviasnectar

Extra Strength Growth Oil

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Extra Strength Hair Growth Remedy

Size: 4oz 

You will see new growth in as little as 6 weeks!

Proven Hair Growing Oils and Extracts

Bamboo Extract, Mango Extract ,Burdock Root ,Rice Bran Oil ,Avocado Oil,EVOO,Almond Oil,Grape Seed Oil,Jojoba Oil,Black Castor Oil,Rosemary Extract,Lavender Extract,Rosehip Oil,Vitamin E , C, A,Biotin, Burdock Root, Avocado Oil,Rosehip Oil, Castor Seed Oil,Almond Oil,Argan Oil, Sesame Seed Oil, Essential Oil Blend,Peppermint Oil,Tea Tree Oil

 Shake first for best results. Extracts settle at the bottom of the bottle. Color will be a natural dark orange due to Burdook root and Rosehip Oil.





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